Are You Having FUN Every Step of the Way to Your Goals?


I have been setting goals for many, many years AND I have never had so much FUN and created so many opportunities as I am this year.  I couldn't resist sharing.

Maybe my story will remind you how much FUN you are having with your 2019 goals or perhaps it will invite you to bring a little more FUN to the party, everyday.


In the video I mention a lot of FUN resources.  Here are links so you can PLAY with them too :)



Transform Your Life with Sandylu & Friends

Here is a clip from my appearance on "Transform Your Life with Sandylu & Friends".  Click here to watch the whole interview.


Getting in Momentum - KGX Talk Radio with John Sloan


Rock Your Speaking


Is it time to be seen as the expert and leader you truly are?  What might be getting in the way of you Rocking Your Speaking and how can you get in MOMENTUM? 

Speaking is a powerful tool to use in your business if it is done correctly.  Marianne Emma Jeff, #1 Best Selling author of Brand Me!  Mastering the Art of Business Story Telling shares some ideas and tips in this article and accompanying VIDEO (above).

Why is speaking such a powerful tool?

If you use story telling in your speaking you amplify your voice, your message and yourself 10 fold.  However many speakers feel an obligation to teach at us.   When speakers do this they distance themselves from their audience instead of drawing them in. 

Instead if you embrace story telling in your speaker you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Build relationships quicker!  When you share who you are (especially if you are a little vulnerable) you build relationships much...

Happiness is...


Yes you can be a High Performer and focus on happiness.  Learn how in this video.


Selling 101


Sales is actually quite simple.  It's like an omelette you begin with a few key ingredients and then add on any extras.  Today we are often so tantalized with the "extras" we forgot what the basic ingredients are.  Here is a quick reminder.


Don't Take the Exit!


Business is full of distraction, interruptions and frustration.  Watch this quick video to help you stay on track.


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