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Brand Me!

Learn how to master the art of Business Storytelling!

Is it time for you and your business to...Take the Stage? Anyone who wants to be successful in any type of business today by default becomes a writer, speaker, creator, teacher and leader. In Brand Me! you will nurture all these elements gaining clarity, confidence and cohesiveness so that you can truly Take the Stage! If you already speak, write, create, teach or lead, Brand Me! will show you how to step up as an expert and leader in your industry.

Brand Me! is not a new tactic, sales technique or a strategy to build your business (although it can be all of these things). Brand Me! will keep you sane. It will give you the tools to remind yourself that you are Extra-Ordinary. As you uncover your Brand Story, Brand Message, and Brand Method they will become your true north even when the world around you feels like chaos.


"From nuts and bolts to the inner foundation of humanity. This book is a step by step process to achieve your most important tool in your business...Branding!"

Bonnie Frazier

"Very motivational and gave me a lot of new ideas. I have a vision of love inside my head that is guiding my heart. This book showed me where to start."

Tasha Hairston-Springs

"Marianne's journey to success is so inspiring and in this book she not only shares bits of her own journey but concrete, practical steps and methods that entrepreneurs can implement to get themselves on their own roads to success. Wonderful resource!"

Dina Proctor
Best Selling Author - Madly Chasing Peace

"I dove into the book after an hour, I shook the book I was holding and yelled "THIS IS FOOD!!" I had been starving for a system, a plan--nourishment---for my business ideas. This book is front-to-back a call to action, a BIG homework assignment. As I did the work, I saw the beauty of the system and saw what Marianne was doing. "

Murphy Daley
Author & Coach

The Get it Done Divas Guide to Business

The Definitive Guide to Getting it Done and Standing Out as a Leader and an Expert

This Guide Includes:

  • Top 10 Characteristics of a Get-it-Done Diva
  • Six Essential Agreements in Business
  • Creating Your One Page Strategic Plan
  • Eight Building Blocks of Business
  • Your Fab Five Super Heroines in Business
  • The Breakthrough Cycle of the Get-it-Done Diva
  • How to Live your Ideal Schedule
  • Business Power Tools to Fire Up Your Results
  • Fear Busting and Confidence Boosting Strategies that Let Your Get-it-Done Diva Take Center Stage
  • Tips to Stand out from your competition as a Leader and an Expert

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