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Challenge Your Audience to Get in MOMENTUM!

"I challenge women in business to stop the spin cycle of doing and show them how to master their timeupgrade their actions and harness their BIG ideas!  

When you take consistent action to get 90 days ahead, harness your BIG ideas, focus on getting in and staying in Momentum and invest the time to show up in Divine Excellence you will easily be successful in any venture you want to be. Using the tools, presentations and workshops I offer you can experience the magic of being in Momentum."


  • #1 Best Selling Author of Brand Me! and The Get it Done Divas Guide to Business
  • CEO of The Women's Business Momentum Center (10 years)
  • Award Winning Keynote Speaker
  • Professional Development Coach (10,000+ hours of coaching experience)


Each presentation is customized for your audience and can be delivered as a keynote, breakout session, half or full day training.

Learn how to MOVE people with your words.

If you are women with a career you want to elevate or a business you want to grow then Brand Me! will reconnect, re-engage and power up your communication so that you can level up how you express yourself and move people.  

Whether it is customers, team members, superiors or how you show up for your next presentation these skills will have everyone listening and leaning into what you have to say as you make your points clearly and stand out from the crowd.

Simply by  implementing the 3 steps in the Brand Me! Process your communication will become more dynamic, your messaging will be clearer and your confidence will soar as you Own Your Brand and master the art of storytelling.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to accelerate your relationship building skills
  • What makes a story powerful
  • Where you are making yourself small and how to expand into conversations
  • 3 Steps to become a Rock Star Storyteller
  • How to Own Your Brand - YOU!

If your audience is ready to add more WOW to their communication and MOVE people with their words then book The Get it Done DIVA, Marianne Emma Jeff for your next event!

Let's BE Honest...If You REALLY WANT Something... You ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

What If you could learn how to BE unstoppable in EVERYTHING you choose to DO, all the time?

YES... they can fire it up, pull an all righter, do stuff for other people and wing it but....  what would it take to consistently Get $h*! Done, way ahead of schedule? And what could that create in your life or business?

If you have been struggling to breakthrough in your business or career, if you've been binging on "new" ideas, information and action and feel like you are still not getting anywhere, if you've been trying to write that best selling book (you know is in you), launch a new business or prioritize better and still haven't been able to consistently get "the right" stuff done, then you are about to discover 3 simple skills that will launch you into MOMENTUM and keep you there...

 ...without burning out, procrastinating or selling your soul in the process!

Are You Ready for a Game Changer? 
  • What would it take to consistently Get $h*! Done, way ahead of schedule?
  • And what could that create in your life and business?
  • What is it costing you to hold back on your potential?

Honestly, you know that when you are not bringing your A-Game, you disappoint yourself!

What if you didn't have to PUSH yourself and burn out?What if you could change everything -not just for a little while... forever?

Are you ready to help your community upgrade their productivity... for good!... so that they can BE UNSTOPPABLE anytime they want? Then book The Get it Done DIVA, Marianne Emma Jeff for your event!

Honestly the last thing you probably need is another million dollar idea!  If you are not acting on your ideas and implementing them then all those “great” ideas are more of a distraction than a strategy. Binging on information, ideas and action is making women sick and tired.  And the irony is that binging is one of the main habits that is getting in their way of success.

In this presentation women in business are challenged to stop the spin cycle of trying to get the next newsletter out and reinventing their business and instead give them tools they can use right away and show them how to master their time and upgrade their actions to get 90 days ahead so that they can focus on leveling up their business and experience the magic of being in Momentum.

What You Will Learn:

  • The Power and Influence of Winning Environments
  • How to Zero in on Your ONE Thing and Master Your Time
  • The Danger Zone of the Spin Cycle
  • The Success Equation (to escape the Spin Cycle)
  • 90 Day Power Planning and How to Upgrade Your Actions

If your audience is ready to learn how to get in MOMENTUM with some powerful tools, strategies and mindset shifts then book Marianne for your event.

Most women start a business because they love what they do NOT because they love sales.   Sales and money conversations can feel difficult and often we avoid them at a cost to our business.

Let’s be honest here, If you don’t improve your sales what will happen to your business?  Where will it be in 6 months, 2 years or 5 years?

Are you ready to learn the one thing that will upgrade your sales and to become a sales Goddess?

What You Will Learn:
  • Why you may very well be pushing away potential clients and sales
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that are at the root of most lost sales
  • ONE thing that will upgrade your sales conversations exponentially
  • 3 questions that you will use again and again to quickly and easily get into your ideal customers shoes so that you can speak directly to them!
  • How to create better products and services that sell themselves
  • When and how to speak to your clients needs
  • What the transformation is that your customers want
  • How to speak to your ideal customer in your sales copy, scripts and pitches. that you can ask for the sale  in different ways, multiple times, without being repetitive (or feeling like you are annoying your customers).

If your audience is hungry to upgrade their sales conversations, processes and mindset then book Marianne for your event.

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