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Is it time to be seen as the expert and leader you truly are?  What might be getting in the way of you Rocking Your Speaking and how can you get in MOMENTUM? 

Speaking is a powerful tool to use in your business if it is done correctly.  Marianne Emma Jeff, #1 Best Selling author of Brand Me!  Mastering the Art of Business Story Telling shares some ideas and tips in this article and accompanying VIDEO (above).

Why is speaking such a powerful tool?

If you use story telling in your speaking you amplify your voice, your message and yourself 10 fold.  However many speakers feel an obligation to teach at us.   When speakers do this they distance themselves from their audience instead of drawing them in. 

Instead if you embrace story telling in your speaker you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Build relationships quicker!  When you share who you are (especially if you are a little vulnerable) you build relationships much quicker.  
  • Communicate ideas faster!  Think back to school.  Which teachers did you enjoy and how did they teach?  They probably used stories and entertaining examples to communicate the ideas and information.  
  • Be memorable!  Our mind works best with images.  We associate stories with the images they bring to mind and so when you use stories you are painting a verbal picture in the minds of your audience.

How much of you do you share in your stories?  How vulnerable is too vulnerable?

  • Go to the edge of your comfort zone, but not beyond it.  Being vulnerable in your story telling tells your audience that you can be trusted.  If you go too far though, they will feel uncomfortable.   
  • Your audience will be as comfortable with what you are sharing as you are!  If you are completely uncomfortable sharing something you audience will feel that and become uncomfortable too.
  • Know that YOUR TRIBE, will love you, everyone doesn't have to!  If you are wanting to please everyone in the audience you will end up presenting very sterile, boring, safe content.  Instead realize that it's OK for some people to not like or love you.  Focus on speaking to your tribe, not everyone.

Marianne Emma Jeff is an Award Winning Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author and Business Coach with 10,000+ hours under her belt.   Learn more and book her to speak to your audience at

Hello Rock Star!

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